Synchronize and analyze your Amazon seller Central data in interactive dashboards, save time and optimize the management of your Amazon Seller Central

Connect your Amazon seller central with our data analysis solution, export datas in excel and stay up to date on the business metrics of your account. Analyze datas, optimize and automate operations, beat the competition.


Il portale di controllo gestionale del tuo Amazon business, illustra, sintetizza, rielabora i dati di business, advertising, contabilità e fisco

Stale data after one day

After one day (or less), your Amazon data is old and needs to be updated. Needs constant updates

Manual data entry

Do you waste time cleaning up raw data files, and copy-pasting rather than understanding your data and selling more?

Constant logging in

Are you wasting energy clicking 10 times to generate a report for each account, multiple times a day?

Repetitive, non-productive work

Are you wasting time and money doing the same repetitive work or paying someone for work that can be automated?

Wasting time with unimportant tasks

You don't own your KPIs

Missed growth opportunities

Always something out of stock


No more downloading and combining separate reports from Amazon. We bring your sales, inventory, traffic, advertising, and other data together in one place.


Amazon’s rolling snapshots mean you lose history every day. Reason helps you create a permanent record of your business that grows over time.


We check and update Amazon datas every 24hrs.


Dashboards built on the basis of the most current needs for those who manage and analyze sales, daily operations, accounting and administration of your Amazon seller account.


No limits on data transfer or storage, SQL query volume, or replication to your data warehouse or data lake.


We respond within 24 hours to most inquiries sent to customer support. Our team can help troubleshoot basic data issues.

Who is this for?

X-PORT BI is for any Amazon Seller who intends to automate the datas download and analysis, leverage on these datas, reorganized to respond to the most common needs of analysis and operational management, to grow their business on Amazon and beat the competition .

X-PORT BI allows any user to benefit from the internal tools developed and used by X-PORT manage seller accounts that presented a high level of complexity to manage.

Our BI is used by advanced and ambitious sellers who need to quickly access Seller Central datas to make informed decisions regarding inventory management, sales strategies, and that intend to automate some tasks of the administrative and accounting departments.

The solution is suitable for both FBM and FBA sellers, brand owners or resellers, and:

Sellers and account managers frustrated with the process of manually downloading, formatting and elaborating datas from Seller central.

Account managers needing to present data and reports that match their professionalism

Sellers who want business intelligence to beat the competition

Your customizable reporting software

"Ad hoc" created dashboards to manage and monitor some of the main KPIs of your Amazon Seller Central. Born from the experience of those who manage over 50 seller accounts, from startups to multinationals.

1a. Sales performance and margins

Quick overview of sales and margins, at aggregated account level and per ASIN. Which SKUs have the higher margin? What is the distribution of sales by country?

1b. Sales performance and margins by city of destination, day of the week and time of the day.

Are your sales concentrated on a certain day of the week or in a certain city? Can the data lead you to take actions outside of Amazon as well?

2. Time distribution of sales by ASIN, brand and product category

Analyze sales performance by ASIN over different time spans. Cash cow or rising stars products? How do your brands perform over the year? Do you identify seasonal trends?

3. Market comparison

Constantly monitor the buybox.

Do you need a repricing? What is the break even point of your products?

Whether you are a reseller or a brand owner, you need to monitor the marketplace price trends of you listed ASINs.

4. Inventory allocation

Is your FBA inventory ready to face the upcoming months of sales? Analyze your inventory status by ASIN and by brand, in relation to sales over the time spans of your interest. Get restock suggestions, analyze your inventory Age.

5. Order register

Does your administrative department stress you about VAT due in different countries? About when and how to register Amazon sale?

Which orders must be entered in the register of fees and which have been invoiced?

6. Adv Performance

What is the proportion of sales from advertising activities on the total sales? What is the trend of the other main KPIs?

Why us?

We are a group of consultants with different backgrounds, some of us ex amazon sellers with a great passion for what we do.

We use low code softwares with a high level of customization suitable for various needs

We manage every single account with great attention and sensitivity, as if it were our own one.

Your Amazon business always under control.

Our internal tools at your disposal - X-PORT BI is a low code-advanced solution to better manage your Amazon Seller Central


We support every Seller Central marketplace. Installation may take longer for marketplaces that are not in Italian and English and the availability of tables may vary by country. For example, customer demographics reports are only available from Amazon in the US at the moment.

The configuration of the power BI and the data backup of a new database takes about 3-5 working days. For accounts with a particularly high number of references (above 5000 references), the setup of the databases may take a few additional days.

The data is automatically updated on a daily basis (every 24 hours).

The registration of sales data in Power Bi takes place only at the time of actual order fulfillment.

Where we see modified data, we update to the latest data presented by Amazon.

In situations where data is deleted from an Amazon report (such as revenue for canceled orders), we keep the data in order to maintain visibility into what has been ordered.

We convert existing Seller Central reports into postgresql database tables, at the lowest available granularity (e.g. we log transactions at the transaction level, instead of aggregating them).

We are the only solution on the market able to represent the past and prospective profitability for each individual reference, also managed through FBM mode.

The other solutions focus on FBA mode - availability and data representation is much simpler.

We also ask you to send data in your ERP (product purchase cost) and internal company data (shipping rates).

For those who wish, we also constantly show the updated buybox price of the references sold by the customer, as well as the management method (FBA, FBM, Vendor) and various other data.

To advanced sellers who intend to:

  1. build a cost-revenue center to monitor the progress of your business on Amazon;
  2. constantly monitor the buybox of products sold directly through their account or resold by other sellers;
  3. analyze in detail the profitability of each individual product, the geographical and temporal data of sales;
  4. optimize the allocation and rotation of your sales warehouse.

The software is of great use to both resellers of third-party branded products and brand owners to constantly monitor the presence and representation of the brand on the marketplace. 

All subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis. We ask for a minimum commitment of six months after which it is possible to cancel at any time; your service expires at the end of the period in which you cancel and you will not be billed the following month.

The data is stored in a secure Postgresql database hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Yes. Also, unlike other solutions, we simulate your shipping rates for each individual product based on your contractual agreements with the freight forwarders..

Call with one of our team member to better understand your needs. From our customers we only need informations about products'costs.

For sure! Our low-code solution is well suited to customizations that will be evaluated case by case based on customer needs.

Please contact [email protected] to request changes to your service level.