X-PORT announces the start of an exclusive partnership with SellerX

X-PORT is extremely proud to announce the start of an exclusive partnership with SellerX. With over $150mln in funding raised, SellerX is one of the largest aggregators of small and medium sized businesses operating online through Amazon FBA.

The founders of SellerX are serial entrepreneurs, ex-Harvard, with more than 10 years of experience in the e-commerce and private equity world. Seller-X already has a global presence with offices in Berlin, London and Miami and can boast backing from Cherry Ventures, Felix Capital, 83 North and Silicon Valley-based TriplePoint Capital.

X-PORT, a certified partner of the Amazon Service Provider Network, is positioned in this way to intercept one of the fastest growing business trends on a global scale, that of the world of private equity applied to e-commerce activities.

Italy is a market with its own peculiarities and not yet familiar with this type of operations, however, the opportunities are not lacking, especially for all companies that intend to expand abroad relying on the logistics network of Amazon.